Contribute with Guest Post Writing

You can contribute with Guest Post writing and see your article published on Cozy Ireland’s website.

If your passion is writing and it is something that comes naturally to you. If you like to write about places, hotels, restaurants and everything is cosy in Ireland, you are more than welcome to contact us with your ideas or your article.

Before contacting us, we would appreciate you to read the following requirements, essentials guidelines for your article to be accepted.

  • Article Quality: Articles should be a minimum of 600 words but they should cover the topic in detail. Submitted content with partial, non-exhaustive or incomplete details will be rejected (unfortunately). We prefer original content, but as we started recently we are also temporarily accepting any kind of originality. This will let our readers have a wide span of our content.
  • Credit: WE respects individual work giving you total credit of your article with your name (and surname if you require) BUT if your idea is from someone else’s work, you must ensure to cite this in the article. If you are also adding images to your post, it is important to provide us with the URL’s and details of the images in case there are not yours. The images used must have Free Copyright, otherwise cannot be published. Be sure you check this before submitting any images. is a good source for images.
  • Self-promotion and Back Links: One issue that Google Algo has flagged in the past as a way to penalize websites is Guest Blogging for the SAKE of building backlinks or link referrals. This means that if you want to write just because you want to promote your website with a URL, better not doing. We allow the use of external links as the way to direct the reader to a source of the article or where they can get more information. As well as if you write about a place to stay and the readers want to know more, it is cool.
  • Copyright: READ CAREFULLY. We respect everyone’s work. We will double check that your article is genuine and not copied from the Internet. In case we find out that you have copied a post/article from somewhere else, we will not publish.  Also, by submitting a post to CozyIreland, you give us copyright ownership of the post. This is done on any websites that offer guest post blogging.
  • Profile on this website: For a practical reason, we don’t create profiles of authors for just 1 article. We will add your name and if the case, a short biography to explain the readers who you are. For collaborators who want to write on a long time basis, we can then create a profile.

We understand it is something harsh but we want to ensure 100% transparency with our future guest bloggers.